Business Development Executive (USA)

About Finconecta

FinConecta provides the technology infrastructure to easily connect Financial Institutions’ core banking systems with third-party FinTech providers worldwide through one single integration. Our platform, 4wrd, uses a switch engine that seamlessly accelerates open banking and innovation by facilitating the integration of multiple 3rd party solutions.

The platform is built on the foundation of the most modern and reliable technological infrastructure of APIs and ESB. It is a modular, flexible and scalable structure capable of supporting open banking models, where each component plays a specific role in the processing of digital services. The 4 components of 4wrd introduce a wide range of solutions that include an API Gateway and management tool that facilitates the integration of third party solutions, access to the only global fintech marketplace with more than 200 tech solutions, a secure Sandbox environment for validating fintech digital solutions using the financial institution’s core system’s test data, and the technological infrastructure to host all services securely in one place.

FinConecta is a global company with capital from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Venture City (private equity fund) and private investors.

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Miami, FL, USA,Location

Overview of Business Development Executive @ Finconecta

Reporting directly to FinConecta’s founder and CEO, the company is looking for a seasoned Business Development Executive to oversee their United States operations. You’ll be tasked with scaling this global company and driving game-changing revenue growth, with the option to be based either in Miami or New York.

In this high-level role, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Establishing, growing and managing revenue generation with financial services companies, such as banks, credit card issuers, ACHs and insurance companies.
  • Managing strong relationships with players in the financial and technology industries.
  • Attracting and retaining a high-performing team while motivating them to excel.

Drawing on at least 15 years of experience in banking, business development or financial services entities, you’ll be a high-impact player with an impressive track record of negotiating and closing long-term deals. Ideally, you’re a talent magnet who attracts people and inspires them to be their best while managing strong relationships with C-suite and board of directors of large multi-national companies. Aside from being analytical, data-driven and a strategic thinker, you’re someone who’s highly motivated and with a competitive drive to succeed in the market.

FINCONECTA - Business Development Executive (USA)

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