A new venture and acceleration model that helps diverse founders achieve global impact.



To provide a level playing field for global minded tech entrepreneurs with transparency and fairness.

We believe in the democratization of opportunities and bring to the table an experienced skillset and mindset approach that is rarely found outside of Silicon Valley.

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GROWTH PROGRA M VENTURE CAPITAL FUND BUSINESS MINDSET Growth Seed Early Stage Rapid Growth Mature Stage & Corporates Product Market Fit Series A Series B


A hands-on program focused on preparing high-potential startups for rapid growth. Ideal candidates have at least 6 months of double-digit growth and a team with clear passion for the business. We select just 25 companies a year in which we invest $100K and 5 months of work with our Dream Team.


We are an early stage VC fund that invests in mission-driven entrepreneurs with a global mindset. We invest in B2B/B2C software companies with the technical and human capabilities to support international expansion. We help founders scale their ventures with capital and operational expertise


We help companies to connect their present and future ventures through the creation of new products, services and experiences, by combining the forces of technology, data and growth, and fostering a startup culture that allows companies to evolve into the context of ongoing global business change.


We are structured to help companies manage each stage of their growth journey, whether they are promising early-stage startups in need of advice and support, high growth companies raising capital, or established companies looking to shift to a more innovative mindset.

Our “founder first” mentality and hands-on approach means our Growth Program, Venture Capital Fund, and Business Mindset programs tap into our team of experts based on your specific needs.


Startup nationalities


Million invested


Companies a year in our growth program


High caliber mentors


Tech partnerships


We will help to shape your voice and message to connect with Governments, institutions, media and business organizations.


Product, Growth and Engineering are at the core of our business and should be at yours too. TheVentureCity team has wide experience in pairing product and product-based growth strategies. The Laboratory support spans activities from strategic to tactical and provides cross-functional leadership bridging gaps between different functions, engineering-oriented teams, sales and marketing, and support Our expertise extends to defining and executing playbooks as well as building teams.


Through our University team companies will have access to knowledge, talent and partner benefits. We will help you build the company culture, connect you to the right people within our curated list of international mentors and subject matter experts, and support you to identify the right talent channels for your hiring needs.


The Bank supports founders with their fundraising strategy and tactics with the ultimate goal of optimizing their equity value. From high-level advice (e.g., term-sheet negotiations or bridge rounds), to day-to-day fundraising challenges (e.g., investors materials or business plan review)


The how, when and where are key to going international. Internationalization is not only about translating, it’s about finding the correct timing, the right local partners, understanding the market, regulatory framework and cultural adjustments.

Choose the program that you want to know more about


We believe it takes a ‘city’ to grow technology products globally, that´s why our programs are supported by a Dream Team with wide experience in:

  • Product, Growth and Engineering (Laboratory)
  • Fundraising advisory (Bank)
  • Internationalization (Airport)
  • Talent and Culture (University)
  • Ecosystem relations (Town Hall)


We work with companies that have a global mindset from the very beginning. We are not exclusive to any geography but focus mostly on North America, Southern Europe and Latin America. We have offices in Miami, Madrid, San Francisco and Sao Paulo.

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  • TheVentureCity Oficina Madrid



We work with emerging technology hubs and partner with them during early-stage and scale-up. Every entrepreneur and traditional company who joins TheVentureCity is treated like family. But don’t take our word for it.

  • Juan de Antonio - Cabify

    The TVC team has specialists in different disciplines looking to help you with challenges that you are not even aware you have.

    Juan de Antonio - Cabify

    Sofia Quintero - EnjoyHQ

    If you want to work with truly founder-centric investors, TheVentureCity are the right partners. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive during the ups and downs of our startup journey. The team is exceptional and always looking for better ways to help you succeed.

    Sofia Quintero - EnjoyHQ

    David Pena - Peoople

    If you are looking for a supportive team, that feels your pain, puts the skin on the game, and makes you achieve the next level, TheVentureCity makes is happen. Possible, the best partner you can dream of

    David Pena - Peoople

    Laurence Fontinoy - Woom Fertility

    Being part of the growth program has been key for WOOM. We had weekly sessions on product, technology, growth and fundraising with top experts in the field from the TVC team itself. Our company today is at a total different stage than before the program. We can not be more grateful to be part of the family of TheVentureCity!

    Laurence Fontinoy - Woom Fertility

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